Monday, February 25, 2008

More on cold climate adaptation and metabolic syndrome

I really liked the idea behind this paper that came out a week or so ago. I did a cursory reading of it back then, since I've been pretty busy lately. Today, I saw this news story in Science Daily covering the paper and it re-sparked my interest. I will have to read it very closely once I get a chance.
I wish bloggers had talked more about it, as I think that the implications are really important in the context of understanding ethnic differences in disease risk. It is the second most viewed paper at PLoS Genetics. Please do drop me a comment if you've seen another blog discussing it.
By the way, Razib's got some good discussion of the Science paper from last week on 600K SNPs in 54 pops. (here, here)

UPDATE: I just noticed that Daniel at Genetic Future has a nice write-up of what they did in this paper along with a description of some of the potential problems.

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You ask about other sites. The discussions at are wideranging over how we might react as communities, governments and individuals to pending climate challenges

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