Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Full genome sequencing as a luxury good

Another article in the New York Times (via the Genetic Genealogist), this time about: What kind of people are shelling out the big bucks to get their genome sequenced?
This one guy featured in the article became the second person to get his entire genome sequenced, costing him $350,000, which I guess isn't too much if you're a multi-millionaire. The company Knome (pronounced: know me) did it.
This is pretty cool:
He says he will check discoveries about genetic disease risk against his genome sequence daily, “like a stock portfolio.”
this is kinda ridiculous:
Biologists have mixed feelings about the emergence of the genome as a luxury item. Some worry that what they have dubbed “genomic elitism” could sour the public on genetic research that has long promised better, individualized health care for all.
I wonder who this mystery Middle East man could be?:
But for now, Knome’s prospective customers are decidedly high-end. The company has been approached by hedge fund managers, Hollywood executives and an individual from the Middle East who could be contacted only through a third party, said Jorge Conde, Knome’s chief executive.

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