Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Determining the genetic composition of an unknown founder population

Using the HLA system, they describe a method to determine the haplotypes of an unknown founder population given information on the haplotypes of the admixed population and those of the other founder population.

Re-creation of the genetic composition of a founder population.
Klitz W, Maiers M, Gragert L.
Human Genetics 2008 Nov;124(4):417-21.
Abstract: Human ethnic groups are frequently comprised of two or more founder populations. One of these founding populations is often available for contemporary sampling. We describe a method for reconstructing the composition of a missing founder population using the highly informative haplotypes comprising the HLA system. An application of the method is demonstrated using bone marrow registry samples of African Americans. We use contemporary samples of African Americans and European Americans to derive haplotypes of the West African founder populations. This approach may also be useful for reconstructing ancestral haplotypes for regions elsewhere in the genome.

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