Friday, April 03, 2009

Blue eyes follow-up

According to this paper, blue eyes in N. European humans is predicted very well by these variants:
HERC2 rs12913832
OCA2 rs1800407
SLC24A4 rs12896399
SLC45A2 rs16891982
TYR rs1393350
IRF4 rs12203592

It might be interesting to look at the five latter ones in the blue-eyed lemur... although, it looks like only one SNP (in HERC2, I assume) is sufficient to explain the majority of the variation in humans.


pconroy said...


Thanks for listing the salient SNPs for each of these genes. However, may I ask, do you know the ancestral or derived alleles to look for. e.g. rs12913832 G --> T etc.

The reason I ask is that a growing number of genetic enthusiasts like myself, have been tested by 23andMe or such, and would like to compare SNP's.

Thanks in advance.

Yann Klimentidis said...

Hi if I were you, I would go to this website,

and type in the SNP in the search box, then under "details" click on the little yellow triangle that corresponds to the rs# and that should give you a geographic breakdown and tell you which allele is ancestral

pconroy said...

Thanks Yann, that really helps a lot!

Davidski said...

Yann, as per the above list, what would you consider the best SNPs for predicting fair hair in humans, based on the latest literature?

Yann Klimentidis said...

Davide, I don't really know... other than MC1R for red hair. There may be something out in the literature on the genetics of hair color, I'm just not familiar with it...

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