Saturday, May 06, 2006

"Multilevel selection"

It's funny how we abandon words like sociobiology or group selection, as if we are ashamed of them...Anyway, here's a link to "Group Selection" in Wikipedia. They mention that group selection is making a comeback, but Sober & Wilson and others (I suppose) prefer to call it "multilevel selection theory".


erime said...

Who is abandoning the word group selection?

Yann Klimentidis said...

thanks for your comment...well it seems that they (Sober and Wilson) are nuancing the term by using "multilevel selection". I haven't read all the reasoning behind this, but I would guess that they want to stress that group selection and individual selection are not mutually independent??

erime said...

Yes, and I think this is an idea that stems from W.D. Hamilton himself.

By the way: Edward O. Wilson and Bert Hölldobler have given hints in PNAS some months ago, that group selection may have played a much greater role in the evolution of ant eusociality, than previously was acknowledged (during the last decades). And Peter Hammerstein asks, if they really have found broad hints in science during the last decades, that tit-for-tat-selection has played a large part in evolution of sociality and altruism.

- So, I think: Much stuff for new thought.

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